Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had temporarily forgotten about the kale and avocado salad until last night... and then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I made it again today but this time I tore the kale leaves by hand into tinier pieces and added some more tastacular elements: finely diced red onion, cucumber, tomato; more loving thoughts of abundance.. hah.. I could eat this all day -- essentially guacamole mixed with tenderized kale. I smell like an onion but it's worth it.

The raw food books I've been reading are contradicting themselves and confusing the heck out of me. I hate having to think for myself -- can't somebody just tell me what to do?! I'm kidding -- I like knowing how to think for myself; it's just something I'm not used to doing every day.

After reading a list of tips and guidelines 2 pages long, the final parting advice: "Life is not a set of rules. Once you have discovered how to eat the natural diet in a way that brings you balance, health and energy, give it less attention and live your life!" Okay.

My plan for tomorrow: "Eating one food at a time is ideal for digestion. Experiment with mono-meals." [From Raw Secrets book] Awesome! I already know how to make carrots.

It is 8:45pm and I am going to sleep now to let my body say good-bye to this slight headache (my first headache in... many months.) I ate too much kale-avocado salad... I rarely have salt on anything so I'm fairly certain that's the culprit. Salt + raw onions = gag(me with a spoon). Spooning is good though. "Studies have shown that the benefits of spooning can make your life just peachy."

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