Friday, February 6, 2009

Raw Hummus

my prides and joys, 4 days young
I've grown fond of my living chickpea babies. I was hesitant to blend them up into tasty hummus, but I figure this is a higher purpose than sitting and getting stinky in a plastic container. Of what value is a life unlived?! Let's not examine it. Anyway, these are the first chickpeas that didn't stink -- they are of organic garbanzo lineage, currently under Choices Market patronage, in the bulk section; so, maybe that's the difference. Plus I sent them love, in the form of remembering to change their water and putting them in the fridge overnight.

it looks like cement, but it doesn't taste like cement.This is How I Concocted Basic Hummus!
Therefore the following is of no use to anyone.

In the blender:
2 cups of organic chickpeas (soaked in water for .. 4 days.. except I put them in the fridge with less water for the last 2 days, and sometimes no water at all depending upon how well they were behaving.)
3 cloves of inferior garlic from China
1 whole lemon

1 cup olive oil
some parsley
1 peeled lime

I set the blender to the variable speed 3 dial and pushed the beanie babies into the shredder. So heartless. Now my blender smells like garlic, so I'm thinking that I might as well add the cup of olive oil. Originally I had intended to add the oil to the finished mix in another bowl so I wouldn't have to wash the blender with soap, but, I'm washing it with soap regardless. Or irregardless if you're from my hometown.

Added parsley and lime to make the rancid olive oil taste go away. I think the olive oil was kinda bad. But other than that, the hummus tastes all right.

And another smoothie:
1 banana
1 peach
1 orange, peeled
2 cups of spinach and 1/2 cup swiss chard
some water

This smoothie was almost too sweet for me. And not the sweet if you're (stuck in the 90s or) living in (getting stinky in the container that is) my hometown.

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