Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'll update you on my physical state. My body is becoming more toned by doing nothing! (Or perhaps I'm deluded and this observation is really just a daily hallucination I'm sharing with you. In which case, I applaud its consistency. I use that phrase a lot.) I haven't lost any weight (good) but my stomach is flatter and my muscles seem more toned even though this month I've done nothing but sit on my computer, walk a bit, dance in front of the mirror and bike over the Lionsgate Bridge a few times a week. Which isn't that much exercise, comparatively speaking. In previous months, I was doing the stairmaster all week and running door-to-door delivering important bills and flyers, doncha know.

I'm not starving myself either, in case you were worried. I eat a lot, but in a normal no-one-would-notice way. The more I eat the better I feel, to a point. I am learning the ways of moderation. I made a couple of olive oil salads yesterday with avocado and a pinch of sea salt and dill (decadence in the raw world). I really like the taste of well-combined salads -- salads are surprisingly satisfying and filling for me.

Sometimes I think about Thai food with prawns and hot soups... mmmmm. In a nice way, I think about Thai. Not in a yearning way, but in a desiring way. I appreciate its qualities.

Another thing I'm learning: that some flavours are best on their own -- for example, strawberries and bananas and cacao don't need other fruits crashing the party. Spinach is often a nice, easygoing wallflower that adds that extra je ne sais pas quoi to a smoothie by its mere presence. I just feel good knowing it's there. Kale needs some social training beforehand to make it presentable to the palate. Fruits are easy to digest when ripe; a few soaked nuts are interesting in small doses and sleep is king. (I still stayed up until 2:30am last night though.)

Having fun navigating the void between theory and application.

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