Sunday, August 22, 2010

Omelette avec Mint et Goat Cheese

I've been eating a lot lately.  Swann makes really good food and she teaches me things about cooking.  Things like: don't throw cold water into a really hot pan or the pan will distort into a misshapen freak of cookware; add water slowly to pancake mix if you want the mix to have a thicker pancake-batter-like consistency and not be all runny; buy things made in France because the French are the best.

At 1:30pm, which is shortly after we wake up, we like to turn on the telly and watch Nigella do things in the kitchen.  I have been missing out, because before this week, I had no idea that Nigella and her joys of innuendo-filled cooking existed!  The first time I watched her show, I couldn't tell if the show was meant as a parody of sensual foodies gone wild, or what exactly was going on with the creatively close-up camera work -- and, for once, I'm not the only one thinking depraved thoughts -- excerpted from wikipedia's Nigella Lawson entry: "'Those who did criticise her often suggested she was too flirtatious; a commentator from The New York Times said, 'Lawson's sexy roundness mixed with her speed-demon technique makes cooking dinner with Nigella look like a prelude to an orgy.'"[19]

Yes, yes it does. And her journalist/author background is intellectually appetizing.  Appealing from all angles.  We never leave the kitchen.

Corsican Omelette


Chopped some fresh mint and threw it into the frying pan (Tefal crêpe pan) with some olive oil.

Added two beaten eggs.

Added some cooked mushrooms leftover from the potatoes + rosemary dish.

Crumbled some goat cheese on top.

Flipped omelette in half with fancy crêpe spatula.

Mouth orgasms.


The show with the Corsican Omelette recipe (at 7 minutes in).  We used olive oil in lieu of butter in the pan.


Anonymous said...

The whole spread looks amazing. And Cocoa Rice Krispies are heaven, though I do miss Cocoa Krispies because they were ten times more chocolatey. Remember those? There was a monkey on the box.

Sonya said...

Hey, thanks for your comment! I like anonymous comments -- I'll pretend you're someone really hot. Because you are, of course. It works out for both of us. Anyway. Ummmm, I'm trying to think of the monkey-on-the-box cereal... it seems familiar; maybe my cousins ate that type. I've had the Cocoa Rice Krispies ONCE in my life, and I mixed it with granola for the ultimate in taste sensations. As a kid I wasn't big on cereal, but I did have a soft spot for those little boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios that I'd slice open like a surgeon on camping trips! Mmmmmgoood. This morning I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. What are you eating for breakfast these days?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Yes, I am the epitome of hotness! I am wearing a UBC tee shirt and ripped cotton shorts. I have some toast crumbs on my chin!

I love those little boxes of cereal. I'm afraid my breakfast was not as awesome as yours... two slices of buttered whole wheat bread sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Then I had toast for lunch. Then dinner.