Saturday, August 22, 2015

I can't believe it's not better! I mean, butter!


I ate a nice big slice of humble pie, revisiting this site. Ah, sweet memories of bland food.

Reminds me of my breakfast this morning.

Not speaking of food, my other website is not about food at all. Really. It's about some other projects.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stirfry of garlic, mushrooms, kale and broccoli on some leftover brown rice, sprinkled with hemp hearts and Udo's oil blend.  Mmhmm.  

Unquestioned Inner smile of the day:  I watched a mouse scurry across Burnaby Street at 17:25.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Thai Curry While Watching Hockey

My curry started out looking great!  And then it all went to hell.  (I left the burner on with the curry still sitting there while I watched the last 2 periods of the Canucks' game.) I won't need a detox cleanse after this.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So I've been eating lots of stir fries.

Once when I ran out of stir fry ingredients, I steamed bok choy and doused it with Udo's oil and hemp seems.  Delish.

And I made a Thai red curry with shrimp, kale, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic and avocado on brown rice.  My first time!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

For dinner I ate a large, straight banana.

We went to Bandida's (at 12th on Commercial) for a 2pm brunch.  
So. Good.  
I had The Breakfast
Free range eggs, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, purple cabbage salad, and fresh salsa, served with cornbread and honey butter. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spicy Evening

 For dinner, I made (heated on the stove) a spicy-as-hell Thai Coconut Soup.

This is Michelle right after I showed her a photo of myself in a corset.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week of January 10-14

My week looked like this:

Up at 5am; ate a banana.  Drank some water. Dressed and out the door.

(Sorted mail for a couple hours then bundled it up.) Another banana at 9am. Some more water.

Did the stair-climb mail delivery route in East Van, opening and closing countless gates in the rain.

More water throughout the day (on days I remembered to bring my water bottle).

Home by 2 or 3pm; removed wet clothes then jumped into the shower (why?!), drank some water, and then had a meal of: Monday) eggs and potatoes; Tuesday) french toast; Wednesday) an apple and a tofurkey sausage; Thursday) a muffin, Friday) a muffin and prawn curry thing.

I run mostly on oxygen.

And snow.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Real Chocolate Cake; Vegetable Pie; With Salad; Snow. & Harry Potter, that asshole.

On Wednesday (a week ago) we baked a chocolate cake -- a real one, with melted chocolate and butter! -- and a vegetable pie (with crème fraiche and grated parmesan cheese on top) in record time so we could catch the 9:30pm viewing of the latest Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, PART 1.  Swann didn't understand the British accents, and I didn't understand what was happening with the sauce recipe, but it all turned out well in the end.  Actually the movie didn't end; the credits rolled midway and left me hungering for more, more!  I want to know what happens next!  If you want to know how we made the foods pictured above, I'll tell you in a couple of months to a year when I download a leaked copy of Part 2.  It's only fair.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kingyo: Prawns with Eyeballs Intact

Today, we went for a long walk from Davie to Robson and looked at home furnishings in warm stores.  Outside was freakin' cold but beautiful.  (Typical combination.)

We looked through cookbooks and decided we were hungry for fish, so we made a perpendicular bee-line for Kingyo.  It was nice and almost empty at 2:30pm on a Sunday (likely since they take the last order for lunch at 3pm).  So.  We sat down (at a table). I salivated in anticipation of rewarding my tastebuds with some deep-fried seafood.  Read over the menu -- no tempura!  I wanted the prawn tempura but they didn't have it for lunch--gasp--so.... I ordered whatever else was on the appetizer menu with the word prawn in it.

Prawn sashimi is rather gooey in one's mouth.  Which is fine, except when that one's mouth is mine.  I ate a couple when the prawns weren't looking at me.  Swann was the hero and finished off my plate.  I think she secretly liked it.

Also: ahi-tuna appetizer (the appetizer Swann ordered but I ate) and two pieces of (delicious) fish with an assortment of sides.  We couldn't figure out how to eat the fish that wasn't salmon, but we persevered and I think it ended successfully as a WIN for us.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stir-fry and Carthage Cafe.

I was going out to dinner tonight at Carthage Cafe, but by 3pm my hunger drove me to throw together another stir-fry: mushrooms, broccoli and kale, then avocado.  MMMMMM.  I felt perky and alert and happy on my walk to the sky train.  

2 hours later, I ate too much: snapper and salmon with rice and veggies, chocolate ganache cake and Moroccan Tea.  This was all wonderful, but nothing compares to the simple satisfaction provided on all levels by my humble stir-fry.